Earthquake Lesson

Over the course of a geography topic, I had planned I wanted to provide children opportunity for geographical enquiry. From sessions during minor geography, I have developed an awareness that this is how children develop deeper geographical understanding. Children were to develop house out of spaghetti and marshmallows and test the stability of these by placing them jelly and reenacting an earthquake. Advertisements Continue reading Earthquake Lesson

Phonics Plan

I was able to follow the scheme of letters and sound to teach phonics to Year 1 children following the review, teach, practise and apply. STANDARDS 3 – if teaching early reading, demonstrate a clear understanding of systematic synthetic phonics. 4 –  impart knowledge and develop understanding through use of lesson time. 2 – demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how pupils learn and how this impacts … Continue reading Phonics Plan

Potion Making – Measurement in Maths

For a final lesson on measurement with mathematics, I wanted to bring together everything the children had learnt in an engaging way to celebrate and reflect upon how much they had learnt, whilst addressing any final misconceptions. It was important for me to ensure that I grasped the children’s attention by applying their prior knowledge in a way that I understood they learnt best; practically. … Continue reading Potion Making – Measurement in Maths

Geography Mid-Term Plan

During professional practice 1B, myself and another colleagued worked alongside one and other to devise a mid-term for a geography topic of natural hazards and disasters. Together we devised a series of lessons that fostered the geography curriculum in an engaging and hands on way. For an example of this please see ‘Earthquakes lessson’. Please find the mid-term plan below… STANDARDS 3 – demonstrate good subject … Continue reading Geography Mid-Term Plan


When following the whole school marking policy, whilst on professional practice 2, I was able to ensure that children were given insightful feedback that they had to respond too. The policy required me to use a… Green highlighter = good work Orange highlighter = edit Underline = spelling mistake Although the coloured highlights are not evident in this photograph, this shows my ability to mark … Continue reading Marking