KILPS Writing Assessment

Within year 2, I wrote assignment is based on the assessment strategy of KILPS in writing, in analysing the usefulness of using in as an assessment strategy to monitor where children sit on the writing scale.

The assignment includes readings which lay out what effective consists of and I compare the use of KILPS to what scholars consider as effective assessment.

To summarise my assignment I found that KILPS …

  • Is formatted well so you could find what you need.
  • Is in depth and well explained.
  • Helps you plan subsequent lessons.
  • Follows the National Curriculum.
  • Allows you to see a clear progression in learning.
  • Requires you to use additional formative assessment alongside it.

The following images an example of a piece of work I assessed using KILPS…KILPS 1KILPS 2KILPS 3


6 – know and understand how to assess the relevant subject and curriculum areas.

6 – make sure you make use of formative/summative assessment to secure pupils progress.


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